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Security violations threaten elections-CTSAM-VM

By Bida Elly David


Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangement, Monitoring and Verification Mechanism (CTSAM-VM) has raised concerns over security incidents that could disrupt upcoming elections.

During a regular meeting, CTSAM-VM’s chairperson Major General Hailu Gonfa Eddosa, stated the clashes between the SSPDF forces and armed youth in Nasir in February of this year.

He cited clashes between the SSPDF and armed youth in Nasir as well as the creation of the 12th Division by the SSPDF in Rumbek, Lakes State.

He said such clashes are a cause of alarm and are a violation of the Chapter of the Agreement.

“We have two reports that demand our attention. First is the fatal incident in Nassir County between SSPDF soldiers and armed youth where many people died including SSPDF soldiers. The second report concerns the creation of the 12th Division by the SSPDF in Rumbek, Lakes State,’’ he stated.

Gonfa called on the parties to the agreement to address these issues promptly to prevent further escalation of violence.

He emphasized that there should be enhanced coordination and joint activities between CTSAM-VM and UNMISS to ensure effective monitoring and investigations.

Chuol Ruey, the SPLM-IO representative in CTSAM-VM, criticized the parties for the delays in deploying and graduating the second batch of unified forces, describing it as a violation of the agreement.

“We urge the leadership to continue with the momentum to quickly deploy the forces and confirm the entire list so that the security arrangement is completed before elections,’’ he said.

Major General Bion Leek, representing the former detainees, expressed concern that the deployment of only 6% of the forces indicates a lack of progress.

He argued that phase two cannot commence until the deployment of the first batch is completed.

“The only forces that have been deployed are six battalions constituting the six per cent so that indication shows that we are not moving in the right direction,’’ he added.


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