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Alcohol kills Boda-Boda cyclist  

By Yang Ater Yang


A Boda-Boda rider in Rumbek Town, Lakes State has died after consuming excessive alcohol.

Lakes State Police spokesperson, Major Elijah Mabor Makuac said that at least 42 people, including women, have been arrested following the incident.

According to the police spokesman, the man passed away in Malual-akan residential area.

“An autopsy confirmed the cause of death was excessive consumption of locally brewed alcohol known as ‘chita-chita” said Maj. Makuac.

He explained that as a legal procedure, they arrested the brewer and rounded up all identified local breweries and dealers around the town neighborhood since alcohol is prohibited in the state.

“A general search was conducted,” Makuac continued, “and all apprehended individuals were brought to court. Some received fines and sentences, while others are still awaiting trial. Their brewing equipment was destroyed.”

A total of 42 people, including 20 women, were arrested police stated.

“They were all fined or sentenced to prison. We will continue to enforce the law.” Makuac echoed.

Police Warning

The state police authorities issued a strong warning over excessive consumption of alcohol stating that this alcohol-related death case is a serious cautionary tale for anyone selling or dealing alcohol.

“You are destroying the lives of your community members. Stop this practice before it’s too late” Makuac warned.

He urged all residents, especially women, to refrain from making or selling dangerous local brews to ensure the safety of the community.


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