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Analyst urges transparency in election funds

By Bida Elly David


Management of the recently released 22 billion South Sudanese Pound election budget allocated to National Election Commission (NEC), must be transparent-Analyst urges.

Boboya James Edmond, an analyst, who founded a national think tank, the Institute of Social Policy and Research (ISPR), emphasizes on proper use of pre-election activities fund.

“This money should be used for its intended purpose,” Edmond stressed during an exclusive interview with No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, on Wednesday.

He calls for revamping of the National Election Commission structure with experts and to create other departments.

“The NEC needs to prioritize reconstituting its national structure, recruiting experts, and establishing departmental offices,” Boboya stresses.

Boboya acknowledged the significant task ahead of the NEC and cautioned against mismanagement.

“While the amount may not cover everything, it’s a crucial starting point for election preparations,” he advised.

The policy analyst further emphasized the need for proper allocation to the ten states and three administrative areas.

“The budget should also be used to set up state-level NEC offices, county offices (if established), and additional national headquarters,” Boboya explained. Only after these initial steps, he noted, can the commission move forward with voter education and registration.

Transparency and Oversight

Mr. Boboya emphasized the importance of transparency in utilizing the funds.

“The NEC must adhere to the principles of Public Finance and Accountability Act,” he said.

Boboya also calls for civil society and media scrutiny to ensure proper spending and accountability.

He noted the controversy surrounding the allocation of the initial budget to NEC without parliamentary approval.

“Despite the lack of authorization,” Boboya said, “Parliament still needs to play its oversight role.”

The ISPR executive director further highlighted the role of state parliaments in ensuring responsible use of the funds.

“This is public money,” he stated, “and its use requires accountability through the Public Finance Management and Accountability Act.”

Last month, civil society activist Edmund Yakani urged the National Election Commission to operate neutrally and without political bias.

Meanwhile, the National Election Commission (NEC) announced the commencement of voter registration in June, this year.

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