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Foreign companies urged to employ 80% South Sudanese

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto


National Minister of Investment has urged foreign investors to comply with South Sudan labor laws, especially, employing 80% nationals in foreign companies.

Minister Dhieu Mathok Diing Wol made the statement during a one-day symposium on job creation and trade development in South Sudan.

The Thursday’s event in Juba, was organized by International Trade Center (ICT) as part of activities of South Sudan jobs creation and trade development project, funded by European Union (EU).

The minister emphasized the need for foreign companies to adhere to the laws of the country and government directives.

“We want 80% of foreign employees to be South Sudanese; we took it as a condition; that’s why we have refused to renew the certificates of some companies,” he stated.

He said the majority of investors operate illegally in the country, which makes it hard for the country to generate revenues from them.

“Many foreign investors are operating illegally in South Sudan; you must come and register your company with the Ministry of Investment,’’ Dhieu urged.

The Minister also noted that some foreign investors have opened accounts in other countries, leaving South Sudan banks.

“We have realized that the big companies that are investing in South Sudan, including in the oil sector, are not keeping their money in our country, which means these companies are opening operational accounts in neighboring countries and yet they are getting money from South Sudan,” the minister echoed.

“We are going to stop these. It is high time for you to come and operate fully in South Sudan or you leave,’’ he warned.

The main objectives of the symposium were to provide an opportunity to discuss jobs and trade development in South Sudan.

Furthermore, to showcase the responses of the South Sudan Jobs Creation and Trade Development (SSJCTD) project in relation to creating jobs and employment opportunities as well as fostering trade,.

Additionally, it was meant to bring together relevant public and private sector stakeholders and development partners to discuss the sustainability of the development support for enhanced jobs, trade development, and opportunities in South Sudan.




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