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Deaths Report; Returnees starving amidst limited aid

By Hou Akot Hou


In the wake of reports of hunger hitting returnees, two death cases including of a child, have been reported at Pan-nyom Payam, Twic County in Warrap State.

The hunger-linked deaths come amidst struggles of thousands of returnees who have fled the ongoing war in Sudan. Back to their home country, South Sudan, the situation in the villages is already dire.

Though, Transformation of The World-in-Christ Organization, a local church group, provided 20 sacks of sorghum but the offer could not address the food shortages. As the plight of the returnees exceeds the capacity the organization could afford, considering the huge population of the needy.

Project coordinator of the organization, Paul Lueth Kat acknowledged the dire situation of the returnees.

“We had to provide what we have at hand as a Church, so that, we could rescue their food deficit. We felt sympathetic and too grieved for the conditions they are facing,” Lueth said.

He emphasized that the sorghum is meant to be shared among the vulnerable returning population until proper humanitarian assistance arrives.

Lueth, however, appealed to local authorities in Twic County and the host community to take responsibility and show compassion towards the returnees’ hardships.

Although reports of additional deaths due to hunger are circulating by word-of-mouth, with claims of others in Rum-Aker, these are yet to be verified.

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