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GIVE A HAND; A call TO support IDPs in Rokon Payam

A committee lobbying for support Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camped at Rokon Payam of Central Equatoria State, reaches out to well-wishers for contributions.

The IDPs are fleeing clashes in Minga Payam of Mundri East County, Western Equatoria State.

Settling at Rokon Secondary School, the IDPs are in dire need of humanitarian support as the number keeps bulging.

A committee lobbying for assistance on behalf of the IDPs noted that gun violence is forcing the people of Minga Payam, Western Equatoria County, to live in a

Deputy Chair of the Mobilization Committee, Mr. Charles Koro Elikano told this outlet yesterday that they had gathered some little support to deliver to the IDPs.

He said the little contribution, which included a few food items like 20 bags of maize flour, was a contribution made by the community members of Mundri East in Amadi region.

Koro appealed for more support for the IDPs, especially from the government and national and international aid organizations.

“We are trying to help our members that are suffering as a community activity, but we are calling for external support from non-governmental organizations, both national and international, the government, and well-wishers to come and extend a helping hand,” said Koro.

He stated they plan to continue with this mobilization of assistance to the vulnerable displaced people until the situation normalizes and the people will be able to return home safely.

According to a local chief in the area, over 2,500 internally displaced people are sheltering at Rokon Secondary School in Rokon Payam, Central Equatoria State.

Fundraising Kick-start

Meanwhile, following the formation of the resource mobilization committee, well-wishers and members of the greater Mundri community have started dropping in their pledges in a show of solidarity with the suffering IDPs.

In a heartwarming display of solidarity, Mboriman Mbory stepped forward with a generous pledge of one million South Sudanese pounds for the IDPs from Minga Payam, now seeking refuge in Rokon Payam of Central Equatoria State.

A fundraising initiative, hosted at Saint Thomas Parish Church in Juba, brought together numerous prominent individuals from Greater Mundri, including Members of Parliament, who collectively contributed over 900,000 South Sudanese pounds towards supporting the displaced families.

Additionally, in-kind donations poured in, including 5 pairs of shoes, 7 bags of maize flour, 2 bags of assorted items, and 267 pieces of clothing for both men and women.

After gathering the funds, the committee aims to procure essential food items to support the IDPs, prioritizing the acquisition of flours for porridge or making bread, beans, cooking oils, salt, and washing soaps.

Some of these critical supplies are set for delivery today to alleviate the pressing needs of the IDPs in Rokon Payam.

As contributions continue to pour in, plans are already in motion for a second delivery scheduled for the following Friday, April 26, 2024.

The appeal for contributions, whether in cash or in kind, remains open as the situation of the IDPs evolves, with an emphasis on ensuring the stability and safety of those impacted.

The process of their eventual return may be gradual, necessitating guarantees for their security and well-being.

Recently, in a show of solidarity and support, the ECSS church of Rokon Diocese, represented by Bishop Emmanuel Lomoro, and the Wandi Diocese, led by Rt. Rev. Yahanas Wajo, conducted a heartfelt visit to the IDPs camping.

The delegation was headed by Dr. Paul Pitia Yugusuk, the archbishop of the Central Equatoria State Internal Province of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan.

For those willing to extend a helping hand, contributions can still be made to the following contacts responsible for mobilizing humanitarian assistance for the IDPs from Minga sheltering in Rokon Payam:.

1-Dr. Samuel Night Pati, Chairperson for Mobilization Committee (Contact: 0920526522.

2-Mr. Charles Koro Elikano, Deputy Chairperson for Mobilization Committee (Contact: 0924517333)

3-Hon. Felix Sunday Khamis, Chairperson MECDA/KCA, (Contact: 0922883944)


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