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Lakes State swears-in new officials


By Yang Ater Ynag


Lakes State Governor, Rin Tueny Mabor, on Friday, presided over swearing-in of new ministers and members of independent commissions at the state secretariat.

The officials are members of the opposition SPLM-IO party, who were recently appointed by the president via a decree in a mini reshuffle of lakes State government.

Those taking oath of office, included state ministers for Cooperative and Rural Development, Peace building, and Animal Resources, Fisheries and Tourism.

Speaking at the swearing in ceremony, Governor Mabor expressed his enthusiasm about the energetic young appointees.

He emphasized peace as the top priority for Lakes State, highlighting the need for full implementation of the revitalized peace agreement to achieve stability and pave the way for December 2024 elections.

“We welcomed you. We are all young people… Our state has to have peace, and this is a first priority” he said.

Mr. Mabor also addressed food security concerns, stating that agriculture for food self-sufficiency is a key policy focus.

Isaac Luka Manga, the newly sworn-in state minister of Cooperative and Rural Development assured the governor of swift service delivery to communities, with ministers dedicated to utilizing their abilities for the public good.

“I wanted to assure you… We are part and parcel of the community… We are requesting your leadership for support…” said Manga:

Nyanhok Malou Marial, the state minister of Peace building promised to serve the people with humility and ensure the peace agreement is implemented and disseminated across communities.

She compared political parties to denominations worshipping the same God, stressing service delivery is paramount.

“As we go to the office today… We shall shape the future of this country… It does not matter which party any of us come from,” Nyanhok stated.

She encouraged citizen participation and feedback to hold leaders accountable and appealed to particularly women and youth to hold her ministry accountable and work towards a peaceful and developed Lakes State.

The minister of peace building urged youth engagement in politics, stating their energy is crucial for shaping the future.

The ceremony signifies a step towards peace and development in Lakes State, with a focus on youth leadership and collaboration across political parties.


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