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By Angello Akhol


Oh, beloved nation! 


For how long shall we endure the same afflictions that are wringing countless hearts of tears and blood?

Consequently, our lives have become the hospital ward where we are taught the divine art of comfort, power for each moment of weakness, hope for each moment of pain and comfort for every sorrow.

When will this time of distress and sadness end? This dark time of loneliness and suffering has been so long. During all these wars, we have been experiencing a time of discouragement, sorrows and impending danger. We have walked on many dark days!

What is the major cause of this agony? Tribalism, corruption and conflicts have indeed scattered our nation.

The cycle of death and hopelessness is ongoing in our nation. We yearn to hear fresh voices with some clear answers to the suffering that torments us.

Oh, beloved nation!

How did things fall apart when, only a few years back, peace seemed so close? Once a nation full of people, but now it is so empty. People have fled to different nations as refugees. Others have become refugees in their own nation.

Suffering and poverty have overshadowed our nation! Everyday seems we are facing the “Death of Hope”.

The offsprings of our parents have turned from being vibrant scholars into ordinary poverty – stricken village children with future.

We are living in Desperate days, the tribulation period. We are called to Action.

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