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Crackdown on cemetery squatters

By Bida Elly David


Central Equatoria State and Juba city council launched a swoop, over the weekend on illegal structures on graveyards, along Newsite road.

This came after state governor, Emmanuel Adil Anthony, formed a committee to inspect graveyards around Juba and clear them of occupants.

In a statement from governor’s office, it was stressed that Newsite Cemetery has been used as a home for the living, with shops built closer to it.

“The committee intensified its sustained efforts on cracking down on structures illegally erected on the graveyard along the Newsite-Bilpam road as they embarked on its second phase of operations in the city,” the governor’s press reported.

According to the committee, the practice of occupying graveyards is disrespectful to the souls of the departed.

“The committee also reiterated its commitment to ending the persistent erection of structures in areas deemed not necessary by the authorities within the city, cautioning that any defiance shall be met with legal recourse,” the press added.

Notably, the governor had a stopover during the demolition exercise after concluding his administrative visit from Lodu Payam in the Molobur area, and he encouraged the committee to continue demolishing all illegally erected structures in the city.

The Central Equatoria State Government, through the State Demolition Committee, led by the State Security Advisor, Angelo Daya, together with the Juba City Council authorities, began the demolition exercise last week.

The task force from the city council delegation was headed by the 1st Deputy Mayor for Finance and Administration, H.W. Mogga Franco Wani.

According to the governor’s press unit, the crackdown is expected to continue in other places across the state.

Last year, former Mayor of Juba City Council, Michael Lado Allah-Jabu, issued a serious warning to the occupants of Konyo-Konyo Cemetery, saying it was the home of the dead.

According to previous research carried out by city authority, graveyards in the city have become settlement zones for some citizens who claim to be homeless.


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