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Health ministry declares “Red Eye disease” Outbreak

By Kidega Livingston


National Ministry of Health has declared a conjunctivitis [red eye disease] outbreak in Juba and across the country.

The outbreak that started in Nimule Payam in Magwi County, Eastern Equatoria State, was first detected among travelers from the neighboring Uganda.

Uganda’s Health Ministry had earlier reported similar cases and declared an outbreak of the diseases.

Yolanda Awel Deng, the national minister of health, announced in a press conference yesterday [Monday] that cases have been detected in Juba and some states in the country.

She cited that Juba alone has more cases compared to Magwi County.

In Nimule Payam, the number of confirmed cases was 297 in Nimule Hospital out of 882 cases screened.

“We have sent our team to most of the areas in Juba to collect samples, and the number is huge compared to Nimule,” Awel said. “We cannot disclose the exact number because the teams are still on the ground collecting samples.”

The health minister also acknowledged registering one case of the infection in her house as she offered some preventative measures.

“For now, people should avoid contact with either infected individual, particularly touching the eye and shaking the hand,” she urged.

Mrs. Awel said the government is going to follow the guidelines from the World Health Organization by screening the people who have the cases, and they will be isolated and treated before they mingle within the population.

She revealed that the diseases can be transmitted or spearheaded from person to person.


Its symptoms include rheumatism in the eye, tears, and yellow discharge, which can last for the first week to 12 days, while it is painful if not treated earlier.

Preventive measures:

The Ministry of Health issued preventive measures that include washing hands frequently with clean water and soap and avoiding contact with infected individuals, especially touching the eye.

Furthermore, people have been urged to refrain from sharing the same item with an infected person, such as a pillow, washcloth, towel, eye drop, and eyeglasses.

And finally, those with infection cases should visit the nearest health center for medical attention.





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