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Youths urged to embrace vocational training

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto.


Young people have been advised to embrace vocational education as a means of acquiring life skills for self-resilience.

Development partners made the appeal during a visit to a Multi-Service Training Center (MTC), where young South Sudanese youth undertake vocational training.

Star Trust Organization (STO) implements the Skills, Employment, and Empowerment for the Development of Youth (SEED4Y) project in Central Equatoria State.

The SEED4Y project, in South Sudan, is funded by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

It aims at enhancing youth employability and income of about 1,600 youths, aged 18 to 35, through skill development and private-sector engagement.

Speaking to No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, Emmanuel Poni, a 21-year-old student at the Multi-Service Training Center (MTC), said many youths are seeking white-collar jobs, not knowing that courses like construction, tailoring, and hairdressing are the easiest jobs that can change their lives.

Poni is a student at MTC, pursuing a building course and aiming to become a constructor, with a diploma in building and construction as her target.

According to her, women can do anything like their male counterparts.

“People perceive building houses as a man’s job. I want to thank my father for encouraging me to study constructing,’’ she said.

“When I am doing my work, I forget that I am a woman, and I just see myself as human.”

She stressed the need for girls to be self-reliant and noted that vocational education is one of the areas to be explored.

“Many girls think this is a dirty job, but it is high time for them to know that when you acquire this skill, it remains permanent in you,’’ she added.

Meanwhile, Lina Olum, also studying Manson, noted that vocational education is one of the major drivers of economic growth in any country, hence the need for more women to join the field.

“I encourage all youths out there to grab the opportunity to get a skill since non-governmental organizations (NGO) support vocational institutions as they equip learners with the required skills to start up their own projects as a way of curbing unemployment, especially among the youth,” he stated.

“Vocational training is relevant today because learners are equipped with basic knowledge and skills,” he said.

He urged youths to shine a light on crimes and join beneficial institutions.

“Many youths want to join street lives and short cuts; that’s why life becomes hard for them,’’ he added.

The project runs for 12 months, from October 2nd, 2023, through October 2024, with funding from the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

This objective is to be achieved through a comprehensive approach that includes institutional-based vocational training for 700 youths and community-based agricultural value chain training for 900 youths (with a 60% female participation target), along with entrepreneurship training, business development services, career advice, counseling, and job placement services.

Star Trust Organization is a national non-governmental organization focusing on sustainable food and nutrition security and agri-business in South Sudan.

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