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Lakes State condemns cattle raids

By Yang Ater Yang


Lakes State government condemns an attack by armed youth on Luanyjang community in Tonj East County, Warrap State.

The attack on Sunday on War-liet village left three people dead, six others wounded, and over 900 cattle stolen.

Lakes State Information Minister, Paul Cabiet Ayang said security agents are pursuing the raiders, in bid to return the stolen cattle.

“We strongly condemn the attack,” Minister Ayang said. “The perpetrators are being pursued, and the raided cattle will be returned to their rightful owners in the Luanyjang community.”

The minister clarified that in a separate incident, cattle owners from Luanyjang, who were pursuing raiders, mistakenly clashed with military, stationed at Maper in Lakes state.

“There were casualties but details are still under investigation. Wounded soldiers from the clash are currently receiving treatment at Rumbek State Hospital,” he said.

Warrap State Confirms Attack

Warrap State Information Minister William Wol Mayom confirmed the attack and the number of casualties.

“The situation is calm, Tonj East County Commissioner is on the scene to de-escalate tensions. Unfortunately, the raiders escaped with the stolen cattle.” Minister Mayom said.

He emphasized collaboration between Lakes and Warrap states to address the issue.

“We are working closely to bring peace to our communities,” he continued. “Community dialogue and increased security presence on both sides of the border are crucial steps.”

Both ministers acknowledged challenges, including the scattered nature of grazing areas during the dry season and a lack of trust between communities and deployed security forces.

“A long-term solution is the construction of a road between Pakam and Launyjang,” the minister said. “This would improve government access and response to inter-communal violence.”

The two ministers also highlighted the need for community dialogue and disarmament to address the presence of unauthorized arms in civilian hands.


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