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Squatters evicted from Eastern Equatoria State land in Juba

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto


Eastern Equatoria State coordination office land, allotted in Kator block, Juba city has been recovered from squatters.

An official from Central Equatoria State government disclosed No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper that the land was occupied by illegal settlers.

Central Equatoria State Minister of Roads and Bridges, Mawa A. Moses, said that a demolition committee managed to evict the squatters on the land.

Mawa is also the spokesperson for the demolition committee, set by Central Equatoria governor, Emmanuel Adil Anthony, to land issues in the state.

“We tried our best and made sure the government land occupied by some individuals illegally was left free,” he told this outlet.

“We were able to destroy even the illegal structures,’’ he added.

Mawa said after the demolition exercise, Central Equatoria State formally handed back the land to Eastern Equatoria State government, as it was designated for building their coordination office in Juba.

“This is government land that was given to the Government of Eastern Equatoria State by the Government of Central Equatorial State to use as their coordination office in Juba, and we have handed it to the administration of Eastern Equatoria State” he said.

The committee spokesperson disclosed that a lot of squatters who are unproductive labourers were found sheltering on the land, and all their makeshift structures were demolished.

“Our mission will continue. We have also demolished illegal structures on the roadsides,” Mawa said. “We will continue with the exercise until we are sure that all public land is recovered and handed over to the rightful owners or the rightful government institutions.”

The Minister also affirmed that a lot of unlawful activities were taking place in the various demolished slum areas, which include prostitution, alcohol drinking, smoking, and stealing.

“These quarters are producing criminals in those areas and also prostitution going on, even drinking from morning up to evening; if you look at their health because of drinking, it is unacceptable,” he expressed.

This demolition is part of the state government’s plan to eject squatters who illegally occupied public lands such as schools, graveyards, playgrounds, and churches.

On Monday, the committee demolished illegal structures near Juba Girls Secondary School, insisting that the structures were constructed illegally. The minister insisted that the demolitions would continue and advised illegal occupants and squatters on government lands to vacate peacefully before being forcefully evicted.

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