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Youths in Torit recover stolen Cattle, apprehend Suspects

By Ijoo Bosco


Himodonge Payam youths in Torit County, Eastern Equatoria state apprehended two suspected cattle raiders, on Sunday.

Chief Elia Oboi of Ofong Boma confirmed the youths’ pursuit, success in recovering the cattle, and apprehending the two suspects.

“We are deeply disappointed by our own local youth raiding their uncles’ and brothers’ cattle,” Chief Oboi said. “I urge them to abandon these criminal acts, which are unprecedented in our community.”

The incident unfolded when neighboring village residents raided Ofong Boma kraal, stealing over 30 cattle.

According to area chief, the suspects intended to sell the stolen cattle in Torit to support their families due to hunger in the village.

He added that the youths are currently holding the suspects for further investigation before handing them over to authorities.

“The youths mobilized quickly upon hearing of the raid, blocking potential escape routes,” Chief Oboi explained. “After a night of pursuit, they recovered the cattle and apprehended two suspects, while others fled.”

He emphasized that this is the first cattle raid in the area and urged the youth to refrain from such actions that could tarnish the peaceful reputation of Himodonge Payam.

“I don’t understand what’s driving our youth astray,” he said. “You are the pillars and hope of this region. Stop these practices and follow the rules we’ve established together for peace and development.”

The Eastern Equatoria state information minister, Elia John Alhaj, condemned the incident and urged local authorities to address the issue at the grassroots level and promote peaceful coexistence.


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