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Lakes State Assembly reopens with focus on Security, Education, and Infrastructure

By Yang Ater Yang


Lakes State Governor Rin Tueny Mabor inaugurated the state Assembly after recess for its fourth session on April 25, 2024, highlighting achievements and challenges.

Mabor emphasized the importance of maintaining security for elections and development.

He reported a relatively calm in the past three months but acknowledged cross-border cattle raids and criminal activity.

“Our major security threat continues to be cross-border violence… Criminals from Panyijiar County of Unity State continue with cattle raiding,” he underlined.

“We have done the following: deployment of security forces… recovery and return of the raided cattle… patrol the hotspot areas…” Mabor highlighted the government’s response efforts.

He stressed efforts to improve education by screening and recruiting qualified teachers.

“We have prioritized education in Lakes State by screening and recruiting qualified teachers. Currently we have a total of 1,523 screened and qualified primary and secondary teachers” he underscored.

Mabor acknowledged the poor state of infrastructure.

“The state infrastructure is poor with few roads. limited access to electricity, clean water and telecommunication connectivity in some areas,” he said.

He however mentioned ongoing efforts, to improve the state infrastructure development.

“We are coordinating with the national government on the speedy construction of our national highway and creating feeder roads.”

The governor emphasized agriculture as the backbone of the state economic stability.

“The economy of Lakes State is primarily based on agriculture… sorghum, beans, groundnut and semsem… livestock is another important economic driver,” he pointed.

He however acknowledged food insecurity as a challenge particularly in areas of Rumbek North, adding they are engaging with the agricultural bank of South Sudan to assist the local farmers.

Lakes State Assembly Speaker Rt. Hon. Agum Jacob Chagai urged members to focus on their roles in legislation, oversight, and representation.

“Today marks the start of the 4th session… I urge all of us to be honorable in our works,” he addressed the lawmakers.

Chagai commended training received by MPs, stating that during the recess about 50 MPs and staffs and the parliament were trained by the UNMISS Human Rights and Legal Affairs Division.

The Assembly passed resolutions amending the state taxation act, approving the 2023-2024 budget, and including poll tax in the budget.

“The details of the counties polls tax should be presented to the Assembly… the approved budget 2023-2024 should be brought back to the assembly”. Chagai requested.

Both governor Mabor and speaker Chagai acknowledged improvements in security but called for continued efforts.

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