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Over dependency will kill us one time

By Ustaz Mark Bang


We all know that our current administration depends on loan from International Monitory Fund (IMF) that keep endowing cash to our country.

This money isn’t for free but loans that we, our children and children’s children will face its challenge in paying it as debt.

Over dependency on oil seems to be very great and we should condemn this, non-renewable resources shouldn’t be taken for pride. This mineral will get off, exhausted, wasted, even now we sell it at cheapest price, and I know very well that the income has never relieved the suffering of our people. Civil servants, gov’t officials, or dignitaries as well as military, and organized forces remain not paid for years. not even what is called that “name any month”.

The Minister of Information boxed the country’s workforce, he said, “select any month from the one you like most and name it your month of payment”. This wasn’t the statement or answer we were expecting from him, Makuei Lueth.

Whether here in our country or elsewhere, the priority is education, heath, and agriculture, followed by other sectors and these includes culture, business, investment, rule of law, which characterizes ways of governing people and resources.

I asked myself last time, why is that our people mercilessly mistreat their own, since they are leaders to the same people to whom they ignore, mistreat, tortured, humiliate and sometimes kill. Big No, to whoever feels like turning its anger against its own people, after the country settles and rises up to get civilized, they will completely deny us. Illiteracy makes it worse for people to pretend working for their constituencies, here after being given opportunities, they happen to sit far from those communities that gave them powers to be called who they are today, let’s go and look at this. Truth telling kills here in our country, but this shouldn’t be taken as something to do with rebellion, why? Rebellion is the act of taking arms against the ruling regime, but challenging the government does not mean that a person is a rebel. In world’s most developed cities, all the views from media, civil, religion affairs, as well as civil societies are taken by analysts and after its scrutiny shall immediately go to the palace to be discussed so as way forward is clearly seen.

However, it’s the role of everybody to make sure that the future of our country is on its good journey, a journey that doesn’t want us to suffer, that never gives us hard time, disunity, hatred, pride and corruption, we better set a strong ladder for the nation to climb on the success’ peak. Dr. John Garang, our hero and great father put it clear, he said, ‘’SPLM shall be the major ruling party where citizen shall have right to question its government, where every person has right to voice her/his view out without discrimination regardless of gender, religion or tribe’’. Bird’s eye view, one has to see or predict what would help or destroy us tomorrow, my people and country, I am asking everybody to stand on whether rich or poor to value the lives of our people than resources since lives come from nature.

Preparing for the best future for our country would surely cost us everything and will not stop us from putting it in the right way, no matter what it means. We wouldn’t have seen our heroes and heroines dying, giving their precious lives to the teeth of our enemies, paying them right if the entire country is at ease or else preparing to be the nation where everybody is equal before the law regardless of tribe, gender, religion or social classes. If this happen, my people would be in the way, way where all of us are treated as equal, way where we shall live as sons and daughters of the same nation, where we unite ourselves to fight what divides and kills us and where we join our hands together to develop and protect the nation with its inhabitants.

Conclusively, we want to see the government in its form, government where executives take on their roles, legislature as well as judiciary, legislature should work independently so as judiciary does the same thing, here our eyes would be far better than bird’s eye view. Take a look at Eagle, the symbol for the code of arms, when we clarify on such an amazing bird life, it could see 100 miles’ fish inside the water and would go on to remove as quick as expected.

Now we have to open our eyes and try to see beyond tomorrow, if civilians never get what is expected from their elected government, if civilians are dying day and night, if the majority of our youths and if our resources are mismanaged, then we shall never live in peace. There is no country on earth named a country without people to be governed by a leader, leader is a word that comes from the verb derivative where its first word is lead=leader(-er) which is the suffix. This is very clear that one is selected to lead others and those who work as her/his subordinates.

People make it to an extreme level where competent nation is found, where development and good progress is made, it is quite clear that our government only fear those surrounding it but should work in collaboration with civil population because these are direct people surrounded by everyday challenges, what needs to be done and what not all are known by them. Popular consultation matters, when this is done in good faith, then the nation will never encounter whatever mess it could be, it seems like we only hope to benefit from today, but the future is very vast, and this wants us to prepare for the betterment of our state’s future. Let’s develop heart of humanity, integrity, faith, honesty, unity, love and forgiveness so as future’s challenges are eradicated before we encounter the episode that is unclear to those with short vision, South Sudan today is never as it’s called, but South Sudan that is coming tomorrow would be amazingly looked as quite bit different because civilization will immediately commence and this wants us to prepare ourselves before meeting the problems that are ahead of us. With unity we will never be defeated forever and ever. “Public Staunchest Allies”

The writer of this article is a human rights activist, writer, and professional teacher.

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