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A school under investigation over electric shock


By Gladys Fred Kole


Darling Wisdom Academy Primary and Secondary Boarding School is being investigated over electrocution to death of one of its students.

National Ministry of General Education and Instruction reports investigating the school administration over the death case.

Deputy Minister, Martin Tako Moyi told journalists on Monday in a press briefing that the ministry will hold the school accountable for the death of the student.

“We want to inform the public about a tragic situation in one of the schools in Central Equatoria State, Juba, where a fourth-year student was struck by an electric current. We are investigating this seriously, and we will see to it that measures are taken against the administration of the school,” Tako said.

He mentioned that the ministry’s Director for Basic and Secondary Education, the Regular Advisor, and the ministry’s Undersecretary have already taken steps to investigate and bring the administration of that school to book.

He urged the public and parents to take proper care of their children at all times.

“When we announce that we are closing the schools for a particular issue that is dangerous to the children, they should adhere to this,” he echoed.

“We arrested the headmaster of a school; we could’ve closed the school, but for the sake of children learning in that school, we arrested the administration for failing to adhere to the closing of the school and the continued functioning, which would endanger the lives of the children learning,” he expressed.

This month, death robbed one of the Darling Wisdom Academy boarding schools in Juba of a 19-year-old female student. The deceased was a senior four-year-old student, the national police spokesperson confirmed.

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