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At least 8 dead, 13 injured in hoary dispute over a bull

By Yang Ater Yang


Eight people were killed, and 13 others wounded in clashes between two sub-clans of the Gok community in Cueibet County, Lakes State, last Thursday.

The dispute stemmed from a prestigious bull named “Makur,” according to Lakes State Police Spokesman Maj. Elijah Mabor Makuac.

“In 2013, youth from the Panyar section raided and sold a bull named Makur to people in Tonj. The case went to court, and the raiders were ordered to compensate the owner with a bull of the same color.” Maj. Makuac explained,

In what seems a likely renewed tensions on April 24th, the Panyar section attempted to forcibly take a bull resembling Makur from the grazing fields, rejecting the court’s settlement according to the police spokesperson.

“This sparked fighting, resulting in the deaths of eight people: five from the Waat section, who owned the bull, and three from the Panyar section involved in the raid” Maj. Makuac stated.

He added that thirteen people were also wounded in the clashes.

“Some were evacuated to Cueibet County for treatment, while those with minor injuries are receiving care locally,” he noted.

According to the police “No arrests have been made yet, but interventions are ongoing.

“The government has deployed security forces to reinforce the area and is investigating to identify the perpetrators” Makuac noted. “Arrests are expected soon. The security situation has currently returned to normal.”

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