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Multitude IDPs stranded at Rokon-RRC

By William Madouk


Over a thousand people fleeing conflict in Minga Payam of Western Equatoria State (WES) are stranded in Rokon Payam, Central Equatoria State.

Relief and Rehabilitation Commission’s acting chairperson in Yambio, Thomas Aringa said civilians vacate Minga due to clashes between government forces and National Salvation Front (NAS).

“More than 1,048 individuals ran from Minga to Rokon, the territory of Central Equatoria State. The household is like 636,” Aringa said.

Aringa calls for support to the IDPs.

“So, we need support from both the CES and WES governments and organizations that are working here [in Yambio] to at least help these people,” he appealed.

According to Mr. Aringa, the IDPs, who are staring hunger in the face, wanted relocation from Rokon to Wito area in Western Equatoria State.

“Because when they are brought to Wito, they will depend on the coconut. The IDPs are there stranded with no food; they are in Rokon eating [surviving on] mangoes; it is very difficult,” he lamented.

He appealed to the government and organizations to swiftly intervene by providing food and non-food items.

Furthermore, in Tambura County, about 1,000 people were forced to leave their homes and are now in the TOB center, of which 250 are mainly elderly women.

“On the other side of the barrack, there is a community of over 700 people. So, these people need assistance, especially the tents,” he noted.

The RRC boss in Western Equatoria disclosed that they have 100 tents in Juba, but how to transport them to the state is now a headache, as UNICEF has yet to respond to the RRC’s plea.

He further stated that more than 100 IDPs have returned to Nadiangere Payam in Yambio County.





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