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Returnees persevering hardship

By Hou Akot Hou


Returnees in Northern Bahr el Ghazal are living under severe adversity, a local chief told the state governor.

Chief Deng Kuol Garang said returnees in the area lack of water points, food insecurity and limited access to good schools.

The area chief reported the deaths of four children and a woman due to food shortages.

“Most people fend for themselves and hunger is a serious problem, as you’ve heard from the reports of deaths,” he said.

The chief was speaking during governor, Tong Aken Ngor’s visit border communities at the South Sudan-Sudan border, over the weekend.

The governor, whose aim of visit was to assess the situation of residents, particularly returnees, acknowledged the outcry.

“This is a difficult situation,” he admitted.

Though the governor promised to explore avenues of handling the situation, he noted constraints hitting the government.

“The government is facing many challenges, but I will share your requests with our partners to explore response options,” Aken noted.

Governor Aken also urged residents to prepare for upcoming elections and stressed the importance of voter education.

He concluded by reminding residents to stay vigilant regarding border security.

“Mercenaries from Sudan could cross the border and disrupt your lives,” he warned. “If anything happens, please alert the government, especially the SSPDF, so they can provide protection.”

A large crowd, including chiefs and returnees, attended the meeting held by the governor at Malual-kuel Boma which currently hosts large population of returnees.


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