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Eastern Equatoria demands return of abducted children, stolen cattle

By Ijoo Bosco


Eastern Equatoria State government has strongly condemned the recent “heinous attacks” in Kapoeta East County’s Kauto Payam.

State Information Minister Elia John Alhaji described the killings and abductions of innocent Toposa women, children, and elders as “anti-peace elements” aiming to destabilize communities.

He was speaking to the media during a press conference on Monday.

Mr. Elia accused Murle youth from the Greater Pibor Administrative Area of raiding thousands of cattle and committing grave human rights violations.

He demanded the immediate return of stolen cattle, abducted children, and women.

“This act poses a huge threat to the peace and stability of Kapoeta East citizens,” Mr. Elia emphasized.

The state government urged all communities to embrace peaceful coexistence.

“We must foster understanding, tolerance, and cooperation for lasting peace and development,” Mr. Elia said.

He urged the Pibor authorities to secure the safe return of those abducted, “without preconditions.”

“Our citizens’ well-being and safety are our top priority. We implore all authorities to work together for a peaceful resolution to deter revenge attacks,” he stressed.

He added that Eastern Equatoria government stands firm against violence.

“We will do everything to promote peace, security, and justice.” Mr. Elia declared.

He called on peace partners to support ending these “atrocities” and creating a safe environment for all.

“Together, let’s build a future of harmony, respect, and upheld rights for all communities,” Mr. Elia concluded.


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