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High temperatures expected to continue in Upper Nile, Northern Bahr el Ghazal

By Morris ‘Dogga Luwo


Abnormal temperature patterns and varied rainfall across the country are anticipated in the next week.

According to the South Sudan Metrological Department, the temperature outlook indicates a departure from normal average conditions, with the southern regions experiencing a decrease in temperatures, except for specific areas in the north.

The northern part of Upper Nile State, the northern part of Unity State, and the northern region of Northern Bahr el Ghazal are expected to continue witnessing high temperatures.

According to the latest forecast, temperatures in Upper Nile State would range between 32°C to 36°C. However, the temperature range in most parts of South Sudan is projected to be between 24°C and 32°C.

Moreover, the forecast suggests that the probability of drier conditions is significantly enhanced by more than 30%.

This means that South Sudan is likely to experience reduced rainfall during this period. However, despite the dry spell, the anticipated amount of rainfall is expected to be above average, with estimates exceeding 50mm.

Moving on to the rainfall forecast, the end of April and the beginning of May is expected to bring rain to most parts of the country.

The northern regions will experience light rain, while the majority of the country should expect moderate rainfall ranging from 10mm to 120mm.

The southern parts of the country will continue to receive light rain, maintaining the wet conditions.

As for wind patterns, moderate to slightly strong wind speeds ranging between 2 and 6 m/s are expected across the entire country. The wind direction may exhibit some variability, indicating that it could change its course during this time.

The Meteorological Department is closely monitoring the situation and will provide regular updates to keep the public informed about any further changes in the weather conditions.


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