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Tongue is a poor man’s great tool

If the poor and the rich were chemical reactions, they would be reversible chemical reactions with two arrows, one above, pointing at the products and one below, pointing back at the reactants.

This is to say that if two poor men are reacted with “commitment” as a catalyst, they can become one rich man, and if this one rich man is re-reacted, he can return to poverty.

The river between poor people and the rich is getting deeper and wider on a daily basis but this should not be left to happen at the watch of those who have engineering tools to bridge this river. To put it clearly, there is a mutual link between the poor and the rich. Guess what that link could be?

There is that one day, that very special day when the rich provide something for the poor when they see they are really starving to death. If the poor separate from the rich, they may miss this day and succumb to the consequences of poverty.

Remember the rich do not provide something to the poor without a string attached, and that string attached is that, the rich come to look for solutions to the problems facing them in their day-to-day life. Have the rich IQs to make those decisions people refer to as ‘wise’? They do not have, and this is why they provoke the poor to release what they may jot down in their empty notebooks. If the rich separate from the poor, they may miss this day and their wealth may get rotten since it is refrigerated by the poor.

Having known that there is no day the poor and the rich can separate, what prevents the poor from using their tongues in claiming what they see they should deserve? Remember the poor man would be completely disarmed if his tongue were like a motor plug to be screwed out with a key. But thank God humans are not like vehicles to be mechanised. Because the poor man lacks assets like clothes, home, mobility, bank account, to mention a few, he thinks he too lacks a weapon to use for getting some of these.

His heart goes to Russia to buy those big sophisticated weapons to use for his liberation struggle, but he forgets that he possesses a weapon that causes World Wars and solves them alike. Tongue is a weapon that can liberate a country, leaving alone a fraction of people like the poor.

The poor man should be armed with a very sharp tongue that makes the rich choose only between assassinating him or addressing his needs in abundance so that when he uses his tongue, he uses it to appreciate the rich for the work well done. In the rest of the world, the poor man is eager to talk to air out his grievances and given an attention, but in South Sudan, because the poor man is muted, he deserves not even a wave by the rich man.

The poor man dies and the rich man never bothers just to write “Rest in Peace” in three keyboard clicks, I mean in short “RIP”. No, this is beyond enmity! Despite the harshness of the atmosphere, the poor man must seize his walking stick, harden his heart and stagger to where he sees the rich man may hear his voice in clearly, gather some strength and shout aloud for change, not just a change but a change plus. The right time for change has arrived.

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