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UJOSS demands fair pay for journalists

By Kidega Livingstone


Union of Journalists of South Sudan (UJOSS) petition for fair payment of journalists and media workers by employers in the country.

In a press statement, UJOSS, an umbrella of professional journalists, raises concern about exploitation of journalists, in the country.

It stressed that some of the media owners have teamed up with managers and Editors-in-Chief, to take advantage of the lack of a harmonized minimum wage for journalists as a point of exploitation.

The Secretary General of the Union, Majak Daniel Kuany Alier, emphasized that they believe journalists should be compensated fairly for their hard work and dedication, given the current economic situation and harsh working environment.

“We are advocating for the establishment of a reasonable minimum wage for journalists working for media houses across the country,” he disclosed.

Mr. Majak notes that UJOSS is cognizant that the Labor Law of 2017 does not stipulate the salary for journalists. Therefore, journalists and media workers should not be exploited by using this as an excuse.

“We call for median owners to have a dialogue with UJOSS in the presence of AMDISS and the Media Authority so that we can collectively forge a solution towards setting up fair pay for the journalists,” he echoed.

He said that employers in the media sector should strongly consider having a written contract that includes fair terms and conditions, prompt payment, and equal treatment in terms of health and safety.

“UJOSS would like to take advantage of International Labor Day to urge media owners to consider fair pay for journalists”.

UJOSS launched a campaign to push for journalists proper pay under the hashtag [#fairpay4press].

It urged members to participate in their struggle to ensure fair wages for journalists by signing a petition that aims to garner 1,000 signatures.

“By signing our petition today. Our collaboration has the potential to make a difference,” UJOSS appealed.

The Union of Journalists of South Sudan is a registered non-profit legal entity in South Sudan. It was founded in 2004 with the aim of protecting journalists’ media freedom and ethical standards, as well as improving working conditions for journalists, including their welfare.



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