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Back to school, my teacher

The global education campaign is “back to school”. Is back-to-school only limited to primary school children? Is it only the secondary children to go back to school? Doesn’t it apply to you also, my teacher? I think it must apply to you too! But why should you?

Don’t you want to have a title? To be called a professor? I passed by Custom roundabout and saw a signpost written “Prof Wani Igga” We have Professor Taban Loliong, Prof Akech, the former vice-chancellor of the University of Juba, Prof Deng Deng Hoc among many others. I respect all of them and I will be like them. Don’t you desire to be called a professor? Do you say the title “professor” belongs to angels? Don’t you know it is for the same human beings like you?

Be reminded that the respect given to any person in this contemporary world is based on the titles that person has. The perception has gone beyond you, my teacher. In any gathering or conference, if the presenter is not introduced with titles, people close their ears or even leave him/her alone. Even myself as I talk, I only give a listening ear to someone with education higher than mine. I am now a MA student. A BA student can’t address me at all.

My teacher, don’t be deceived by the title “TEACHER”. People don’t give respect to it at all. It is only understood for people who are miserable and desperate. When you mention the title teacher, people will immediately remember your desperate life. At least in Khartoum, they say, Uztaz and that sounds big. But here in our country, that title doesn’t exist.

I will soon finish my MA and attain the title Mr while you still don’t have any title, my teacher. Once your student is now Mr and soon will be Dr. Do you feel good when your students are going higher and higher in education while you go lower and lower in Education? Please, think about it. It is my prayer that you listen to my voice and apply for upgrading. I want you to have a title!

My teacher, I cannot write this piece for only the title! I must remind you that the higher you go in education, the higher the chances of getting a better job.  You are complaining daily that you are not paid well. It is true you are not paid well and that is the reason I want you to upgrade. You will automatically get a well-paid job! I know many people who upgraded and they have big jobs now! Why not you, my teacher? You will never complain of salary again if you upgrade. With a good job, you will be able to educate your children. You will have a house. Are you not tired of renting, my teacher? The solution is only upgrading and you have a good job! With a good job also, you will have personal development, that is to say, you will be a boss. You will even open a school of your own if you still love education. Please, my teacher, go back to school and your job problem will be solved.

After being called prof and now having a good job, you will be recognized globally. You will give global service. You are not born to only serve your country. You are born for the world. If you have the knowledge and money, shouldn’t you be known? People from other countries will invite you as their guest of honour. You will be an international speaker. Don’t you desire that, my teacher?  Please, go back to school and give a service to the world.

My teacher, pay attention here! With your power in knowledge, you will qualify to serve as one of the big people in the government. My teacher, do you plan to die without reaching parliament; even, state parliament, my teacher? Parliament is not for some selected individuals. It is for everyone who deserves to serve in the parliament. And according to what I know, you can’t be called an MP when you don’t have the education from a Master’s degree and above. Don’t tell me that there are some MPs in our parliament today who didn’t even smell a classroom. They may be there but I can’t condemn them as the time we are in is concerning. Remember we have just come from the bush and they have right to serve there because they had actually struggled for it. But in the next generation in which you and I will be in, someone without a Master’s degree won’t enter parliament, even in a dream. Do you want to go to parliament? Go back to school!

My teacher, you need to have a class! Which is your class now if I can ask? You are not in the first class or in the second class. I know you talk like some Christians I know. They say heaven is for poor people! They intend to remain poor thinking that it will qualify them for it. I am a Bible student but I don’t have that light. I know you say you are okay with that life. That It is fine for you to remain poor because you are a teacher. But my teacher, I want to honestly tell you this. Those Christians intending to remain poor will not go to heaven. You too intending to remain poor will not go to heaven. Heaven if exists as I believe is only for the righteous. And that righteousness is a reward from God. God knows who He will reward! Those ministers wasting their time in pulpits with such teachings will be disappointed. Please, upgrade to also be called a first-class citizen.

I am not going on writing more, my teacher. But I need to answer your question. This is your question. You are asking how you can upgrade while you don’t have money. That is what you are saying and that is what average dreamless human beings say! I know you haven’t enough money. Your salary can’t pay your tuition while you have your children.  I understand that very well but I won’t agree with your mindset.  I am now a student but my only source is my salary from teaching. But I will finish! How? The future will answer that question! I strongly believe I won’t drop out of school because of money. I strongly believe I will graduate and will later plan to enrol for a PhD. I will be for my PhD while you will still remain with your mentality that money will come for you to upgrade. I will be called Prof Lam while you will just be called a teacher. Please, my teacher, don’t put money first. Put your dream first. DREAM BRINGS MONEY BUT MONEY DOESN’T BRING DREAM. Plan to apply for upgrading and things will work out magically.

Thanks for reading to the end,  my dear teacher. I love you.

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