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Kiir shakes Jonglei State again

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto


President Salva Kiir Mayardit has made a major reshuffle in Jonglei State by firing and appointing cabinet ministers, advisors, and county commissioners.

The changes, which mainly affected members of the ruling SPLM party, were broadcast on the state-owned South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation’s (SSBC) radio and TV on Tuesday evening.

In the series of presidential decrees, Kiir relieved the following: Athien Adhau Tor, the Legal Advisor for the Jonglei State government; John Samuel Mayuon, Minister for Cabinet Affairs; Nyamakal Mau Dheiu, Minister of Parliamentary and Legal Affairs; and Marline David Kuany, Minister of Information and Communication.

Others include Abraham Mamer Kur, Minister of Land, Housing, and Public Utilities; John Adeny Kuek, Minister of Labour, Public Service, and Human Resource Development; Gabriel Deng Ajak, Minister of Education; Chol Dheiu Deng, Minister of Health; and Mabil Makuach Dau, Minister of Culture, Youths, and Sports, all under the docket of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM).

Meanwhile, Abraham Deng Deng, Minister of Cooperative and Rural Development, hailing from the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM/IO), was also shown the exit door.

The president then issued another decree, appointing replacements for the relieved officials.

Those appointed are; Ding Akol Ding as Advisor on Legal Affairs; Mathiop Lueth Athem as Minister of Cabinet Affairs; Nyalele John Chol as Minister of Parliamentary and Legal Affairs; Nyamar Lony Thikchor as Minister of Information and Communication; and Isaac Mamer as Minister of Land, Housing, and Public Utilities.

Furthermore, Duer Nyon Gatkuoth was appointed Minister of Labour, Public Service, and Human Resource Development; Gordon Koang Bar was appointed Minister of Education; Lual Monyluak Dhau was appointed Minister of Health; and Tang Chatim was appointed Minister of Culture, Youth, and Sports, all SPLM members.

Thon Lual Aer was appointed as Minister of Cooperatives and Rural Development on the SPLM/IO ticket.

In another separate decree, Kiir also relieved Jacob Mawut Ajak from the position of Chairperson of the State Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) and replaced him with Michael Mading Akueth.

Additionally, the President dismissed Samuel Ateny Pech, Bor County Commissioner (SPLM), Peter Latjor Chol, Duk County Commissioner (SPLM), Machot Gatluak, Uror County Commissioner (SPLM), and Nyok Malual Mayik, Pigi County Commissioner, all members of the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA).

These former commissioners were replaced by James Gai Makor (Bor County, SPLM), John Chatim Ruai (Duk County, SPLM), James Gatkor Gatluak (Uror County, SPLM), and Suliman Deng Thon (Pigi County, SSOA).

Furthermore, Kiir revoked the appointment of several lawmakers from the Jonglei State Parliament, including William Oyol Kang, Isaac Chol Ayet, Matai Gol Deng, Teny Witchar Puok, Simon Thon Ayuen, John Dut Kach, Chan Anei Mohamed, and Mayen Gabriel Ayang, all from the SPLM.

No reasons were given for the sacking and replacing of almost three-quarters of the Jonglei State government.



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