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Over 30 killed, 16,000 cattle raided

By Ijoo Bosco


Armed youth from Greater Pibor Administrative Area reportedly killed 32 people and stole 16,000 cattle in Kapoeta East County of Eastern Equatoria State.

According to state officials, the raid took place in Kauto Payam where 22 other people were left wounded mostly women and children.

State Minister of Information Elia John Alhaj briefed the media in Torit on Wednesday following Governor Louis Lobong Lojore’s return from the affected area.


He reported that the raiders invaded the state’s territory, targeting 8 cattle camps with 213 kraals and 34 stockades.

Mr. John said the raiders made off with an estimated 16,000 heads of cattle, as well as over 6,000 goats and sheep from Kauto payam.

He strongly condemned the barbaric actions which resulted in the loss of lives and the abduction of 90 women and children during the cattle raids that took place on the twenty-first of last month.

The state government called upon the national government to intervene and address the situation.

He also urged the government of the Greater Pibor Administrative Area to make efforts to recover the abducted children, women, and livestock, as the lives of the affected people depend on it.

The Eastern Equatoria state government appealed to humanitarian partners for immediate assistance in providing food aid to vulnerable households, which include approximately 6,540 individuals, mostly women, children, and the elderly, to alleviate the dire situation.

“Our worry is what will be the living condition of these abducted children if they are going to stay with their abductors are they going to be treated in a human way,” he said.

“We are appealing to the national government to come and make sure to help us in the process of recovery these abducted children especially women and the source of their livelihood which is the cows and the goats,” Mr. John Appealed.



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