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Pay civil servants, tame corruption-Activist

By Charles K Mark


An activist has called on the government to make timely and genuine payments to civil servants and organized forces.

Executive Director of the Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), Edmond Yakani made this call on Wednesday, while marking on International Labor Day.

He believed that development and labor go hand in hand, and therefore, to realize success, the driving factors must be carefully observed.

“If it were not for the efforts of the civil servants, there would not be anything called government to run a political structure,” Yakani stated.

The activist insisted that it is the primary role of the top leadership of the country to honour and respect the labourers and pay them their dues as an expression of appreciation.

Yakani pointed out, more specifically, security organs safeguarding the security of the young country that if they are not compensated for their rights, then corruption might be inevitable.

“Labourers’ rights must be respected, embraced, and enforced. Their salaries must be paid on time and genuinely. If not paid, especially with genuine pay, then we are opening a window for what we may term as bad practices or corruption,” he lamented.

The national minister of finance and economic planning announced plans to release one-month salaries for civil servants and organized forces.

Amidst an ongoing economic crisis, civil servants and organized forces are marking nine months after September’s pay.

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