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Dialogue brings reconciliation to Mugwo

By James Innocent


A peace forum held Mugwo Payam of Yei River County held last week in Mugwo Payam of Yei River County has called for Peaceful resolution of conflict and unity among the communities.

Funded by Reconcile International it brought together hundreds of members of the Mugwo community, including Traditional Authorities, the peace committee, and organized forces.

The forum aimed to address issues of reconciliation, peace, and unity among the Mugwo payam communities.

During the forum, participants engaged in discussions related to the murder of a community member and other land-related conflicts in Mugwo.

They reached resolutions to address present and past conflicts regarding land encroachment, preventing further killings.

The participants committed to reconciliation, forgiveness, and the performance of traditional/customary duties as a cleansing process.

The forum also highlighted the need for unity within the Mugwo community and fostering good relationships with neighboring communities.

Participants called for more community dialogues, including civil-military dialogues and Mugwo community dialogues in Jambo Boma.

They urged all Mugwo communities and clans to respect their traditional and other leaders and cooperate in discussing and peacefully resolving issues affecting them.

Furthermore, the participants urged Mugwo community members in various positions throughout South Sudan and the diaspora to work towards addressing community issues and establishing a robust leadership and development body.

The forum called for the peaceful return of Mugwo community members from refugee camps and other parts of South Sudan to their original land.

The conference recognized the existing generational gap between elders and youths and urged organizations to bridge this gap.

It also called upon political leaders and elders to provide advisory support in resolving community problems.

James Wani, the director for peacebuilding in Yei River County, representing the county commissioner, appealed to civil servants and military officials from both parties to maintain peace and unity.

He emphasized the importance of a peaceful coexistence upon the return of South Sudanese refugees from neighbouring countries.

Mr. Wani further advised the Bura and Yamba clans to forgive and forget, enabling them to live together after reconciliation.

Lomodong Faustino, the payam director of Mugwo Payam, advised military officials from both SPLA/IO and SSPDF to respect the civilian population when handling criminal activities.

He encouraged them to involve the police in dealing with civilian criminals as a means to promote and maintain peaceful coexistence.

Before signing the resolution, Elder David Simbe urge the army to respect civilians who are unaware of the current leadership struggles in the country.

He acknowledged the challenges faced by the community, including loss of lives and properties, forcing many to seek refuge in settlements in Uganda and Congo.

The forum was highly appreciated for its role in trauma healing, reconciliation, and emphasizing the significance of forgiveness in society.

Both civilians and soldiers expressed satisfaction with the insights shared by the elders regarding the suffering of citizens in the community.

The participants extended their gratitude to Reconcile International for addressing critical issues and helping the community reach a sense of understanding and healing.


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