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Over 30 shun Kiir for Machar  

By Kidega Livingstone


At least 34 members of Sudanese Liberation Movement [SPLM] have crossed to Sudan People’s Liberation Government in opposition (SPLM-IO).

The defectors hail from Greater Pibor Administrative area, Warrap and Jonglei states.

In GPPAA alone at least 14 youth leaders from Lekungole, Pibor, Guuruk and Vertheth counties have changed alliance to the opposition, claiming that SPLM has failed to provide services for the communities since its formation.

They also claimed that the region being landlocked lacks proper infrastructure making it difficult for the communities to access necessary resources.

In press statement seen by this outlet, the youth stated that instead of providing service, the leaders of SPLM in the area have prioritized their personal interests and wealth over the welfare of the people.

Kannan Lilcho Kada Melai, Chairperson of the Greater Pibor Administrative Area Youth Union, said the group has resigned from the ruling party due to a number of pressing reasons.

These reasons include widespread human rights violations, lack of freedom of expression, nepotism, corruption, and a lack of development despite abundant natural resources in the country.

“The SPLM-IG denies youth to participate in politics and development of the nation except for sycophants. The government under SPLM-IG has failed to protect citizens and their properties leading to the rise in communal conflicts,”Lilcho said in the statement.

“We the Greater Pibor Administrative Area youth are committed to bringing about positive change in our region and our country through the SPLM-IO and its wise leadership, we call upon all youth to join us in this movement SPLM-IO,” he said.

In another resignation on Saturday, at least 14 members of the SPLM-IG in Warrap State changed allegiance to SPLM-IO.

On the same day, 6 members from Jonglei also switched from the SPLM-IG to the SPLM-IO. This brings the total number of members who have crossed over to the opposition party to 34.

According to Former Commissioner of Buong of Akobo County in Jonjlei State who also represented those members crossed from Warrap State, Justin Lam Kong, the SPLM-IG has no political will to bring sustainable peace stability to the County.

“Under the leadership of the SPLM-IG since 2005 our Country has faced multiple challenges and difficulties among these plunging the country into vicious war resulting to serious destruction of properties, human rights violation, intercommunal violences and rampant corruption and tribalism,” he said in a press statement.

The Spokesperson of First Vice President Dr Riek Machar and Leaders of SPLM-IO, Puok Both Baluong welcomed the decision of the youth from Greater Pibor Administrative Area and members of the SPLM-IG from the two states of Warrap and Jonglei to join the movement.

“The Decision to join the movement marked your commitment to principal freedom, justice, peace and prosperity. SPLM-IO has also demonstrated strong pocus on the role of youth in nation building. We are also impressed by the dedications of the party to improving the lives of all South Sudanese both within the Country and Abroad,”he said.

Last week, Vice President Taban Deng Gai, pledged to take up the issues raised by the Nyirol County of Jonglei State delegation and assured them that the government would work to address the critical infrastructure and security challenges faced by the citizens

This came after authorities of Nyirol Country raised concern over the issue of insecurity, poor road and communication networks, and food insecurity affecting the local population in the area.

The engagement demonstrates the Vice President’s focus on addressing the immediate concerns raised as part of the broader national infrastructure development agenda.


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