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NAS officers denounce rebellion

By James Innocent


Over eight senior military officers from the National Salvation Front (NAS) led by General Thomas Cirilo have joined the South Sudan People’s Defense Force (SSPDF) in Yei River County.

The officers including a Major General, Brigadier Generals and First Lieutenants among other ranks were welcomed by the Commissioner of Yei River County, Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa, and SSPDF Ground Force Commander, Brigadier General John Lual.

They are Daniel Boboya Morons, Capt Sebit Kennedy, 1st Lieutenant Tabu Juice, 1st Lieutenant Richard Lemeri, Major General Ramadan Samuel, Richard Logu, Major General Mandela Nelson and Brigadier General William.

Speaking at the reception of the officers, Commissioner Aggrey commends the NAS forces for their decision to come back home, emphasizing that peace has returned to South Sudan, and the time for conflict is over.

He points out that engaging in conflicts only leads to the loss of lives, the destruction of properties, and the shirking of family responsibilities.

He recalled that the war was fueled by issues of corruption and tribalism, as individuals sought positions of power.

While Dr. Riak Machar has returned and played a role in the peace process, General Thomas Cirillo has yet to join the efforts.

Aggrey further explains that the conflict in Yei arose from misunderstandings that escalated unnecessarily.

He emphasizes that there is no need for conflicts to emerge in Yei or any other part of South Sudan.

The commissioner said since the conflict began in 2016, it has become evident that inflicting harm upon fellow brothers and sisters brings no benefits to the people.

Mr. Aggrey questions the rationale behind continued fighting and urges all parties involved to seek peaceful resolutions.

The commissioner urges the Nas soldiers who have reported themselves to the SSPDF in Yei to cooperate closely with military officials in identifying and integrating any unidentified soldiers.

For his part, 2nd Lieutenant Ramadan Samuel, expresses his appreciation to the SSPDF for their coordination and support throughout their journey back home.

He acknowledges the confusion caused by certain leaders, which led many individuals to take up arms.

Richard Logu, one of the returning soldiers, shares his story of being forcefully conscripted into the NAS army.

Logu said his parents had believed he was dead, but he managed to survive and realized the senselessness of the war.

Major General Mandela, who had only five guns for his forces, said they lacked weapons, adding that they relied on borrowed firearms from M18 soldiers (Rebel Movement in DR Congo).

He also points out that the Congolese army is allegedly supplying weapons to the NAS forces in exchange for gold, further exacerbating the situation.



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