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Torit installs streetlights, security cameras

By Ijoo Bosco


Authorities in the Eastern Equatoria State capital, Torit town, have begun installing streetlights and security cameras across to combat rising criminal activities.

This initiative aims to improve public safety and allow authorities to monitor criminal movements more effectively.

Torit Town Mayor, H.W. Mustafa Albino Zachariah, explained that the project was initiated by Governor Louis Lobong Lojore in response to recent attacks, robberies, and home invasions that have plagued the town, particularly at night.

“Governor Lobong recognized the need for increased security and ordered us to light up the city,” Mayor Zachariah said.

“We immediately acquired 70 solar lights that will be installed along major roads, from the Juba checkpoint to the Kapoeta checkpoint, as well as in strategic locations within the town.”

While acknowledging that these initial lights may not illuminate all areas, the mayor emphasized that additional efforts are underway.

Governor Lobong has contracted a company from Juba to install a more comprehensive lighting system that will provide a modern look for the Eastern Equatoria State capital.

“The current lights are not enough to cover the entire town,” Mayor Zachariah admitted. “However, Governor Lobong has brought in a team to install a more powerful lighting system. In the meantime, we will prioritize key locations, including government institutions and dark areas.”

The project also includes the installation of CCTV cameras alongside the streetlights. These cameras will record activity and aid in identifying perpetrators of crime.

“The cameras will capture anyone who tries to tamper with the lights or engage in criminal activity,” Zachariah stated.

“We will have security personnel monitoring the footage to ensure the safety of our residents,” he added.

This initiative builds upon President Salva Kiir’s 2017 deployment of surveillance drones and cameras in Juba, the country’s capital city, demonstrating a continued commitment to enhancing security across South Sudan.



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