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Years teach people more than books

During the liberation struggle, many then Southern Sudanese paused their studies and joined the movement to have a country of their own while a majority joined without knowing how to read and write. And a fraction of Southern Sudanese who scattered abroad to financially support the movement had had chances to education. All of them had one common goal; to have Southern Sudan liberated from the Arabs of the Sudan. Because they had one voice, they succeeded in liberating Southern Sudan.

Shortly after the signing of the CPA in 2005, the Chief Ideologist of the movement, I mean the former Chairman of the SPLM/SPLA, Dr. John Garang De Mabior died in a helicopter crash on the 30th of July. He had spent only 21 days after having been sworn in as the First Vice President of Sudan and the President of the government of Southern Sudan.

Many people panicked and almost fled the country because they thought there would be violence as members of the movement struggled for chairmanship. But because the unity they had during the liberation struggle was still intact, they followed not their own interests, but the history and hierarchy of the movement.

The history and hierarchy told them the successor should be none other than Salva Kiir Mayardit. Having reached unanimity, Salva Kiir Mayardit succeeded Dr. John Garang. The struggle continued until the 6-year interim period ended with good results of the much-anticipated independence of South Sudan. When South Sudan got her independence in 2011, Juba International Airport never rested in receiving flights carrying internationals whose aims were to teach the people of the youngest nation how to work.

As welcoming as South Sudan was, and still is many foreigners, even those who hold no documents and positions in their own countries, got employed together with natives following an assumption that South Sudan needed many babysitters to care for her as she grew up.

Twelve years now down the line and the babysitters are still available. A child of twelve years is cared for by the parents because his/her strides are beyond the control of a babysitter. It is undeniable that all babysitters are related to the babies they care for, but the babysitters we have in South Sudan are the descendants of our enemies, I mean our colonialists.

Some of them are related to South Sudan anyway, but they forget the regulations of babysitting which say that a babysitter must not eat first before the baby. A babysitter must only set eyes on the baby and its belongings, among others. Foreigners came to South Sudan, whether invited or uninvited, to teach South Sudanese how to work in all sectors, but now I find no reason why foreigners are still holding sensitive positions which are supposed to be held by South Sudanese.

If books have not taught South Sudanese, then the years they have spent working with the foreigners holding these sensitive positions have taught them to hold these positions with few or no shortcomings. Presently, South Sudanese have acquired knowledge and credentials in every field best explored in South Sudan, therefore, it is an abuse for natives to work in the periphery while they have the same credentials and skills as foreigners occupying sensitive positions.

To make it worse, a few natives alternating positions with foreigners or holding higher positions than foreigners suffer low payments far much lower than the foreigners. South Sudanese are very strong now to stand on their own feet.

If I’m lying, then let our authorities decide like they are mad today to appoint a native as the head of any technical field held by a foreigner, he/she will perform to the best of our expectations. South Sudanese have been taught by years and books alike. So, it is high time they should occupy technical positions and be paid more than foreigners.

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