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MP accused of torture, forced marriage

By Yang Ater Yang


A member of parliament, Daniel Dhieu Matuet, who representing Lakes State at national assembly, has been accused of torture and forcing his daughter, Akuchol Dhieu Matuet into marriage.

Legal counsel, Kachuol Benjamin, the lawyer to the girl has filed a case at the Supreme Court.

Mrs. Akuchol claimed her father arranged both her marriages, against her will. After her first husband went abroad, her father forced her to marry another man.

“He was the one who chose my first husband,” Akuchol says, “and again after that, he married me off to another new man, he has chosen by force,” he added.

In 2018, Akuchol said she reconnected with her first husband and resumed their relationship.

She however alleged that her father then subjected her to violence, including; being tied up, threatened with death, and subjected to a forced “purification” traditional ritual.

Akuchol escaped and filed for divorce, which was granted by a Rumbek court. She obtained a divorce from her second husband in 2020.

Her ex-husband appealed the ruling, but the divorce was upheld by the state high court.

“After I got divorce with [my ex-husband], they appealed to the State high court…until that man who was divorced with me returned back to abroad with his documents. I stay with my documents because in 2020 this was the year I finalized my case of divorce with that man and I went to Juba to stay with my husband because my father wanted to kill me,” she narrated.

The lawmaker’s daughter further accused her father of manipulating authorities to have her arrested and detained at the notorious Rock City military facility in Rumbek.

Kachuol Benjamin, Akuchol’s lawyer, emphasized Hon. Daniel Dhieu’s position as a lawmaker who should uphold the law. He criticized the manipulation of the justice system and the use of military detention.

The lawyer argued that the divorce was final and further appeals were unlawful.

He claims Dhieu manipulated authorities and used the military to detain Akuchol illegally.

“He is the right person to uphold what the law says because they are the people who makes law for the citizens and for the country,” Kachuol stated.

“But this one, I want to advise him to stay away or follow what the law says because he is a lawmaker and the lawmaker should not be again law breaker” he continued.

Advocate Kachuol stated that a case challenging these actions is ongoing in the Supreme Court.

“No fresh case is allowed under the law to be instituted since the civil case is proceeding at Supreme Court,” he emphasized.

Akuchol’s case highlights the ongoing issues of gender-based violence and forced marriage in South Sudan.

The MP’s alleged involvement raises concerns about the abuse of power.

However, MP, Daniel Dhieu Matuet denied all accusations labelled against him by his daughter.

He claims the case involves adultery and that Akuchol’s children from her first marriage remain with him.

The lawmaker defended his actions, stating he was upholding customary law regarding adultery. He denied using the military or requesting his daughter’s execution.

“This is a case of adultery, my daughter is now with me in my own house,” he claimed. “I cannot be called honourable and then I go and sentence people including my son or my own daughter,” he expressed.

As both parties maintain their innocence, the Supreme Court will be crucial in determining Akuchol’s future.

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