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A teenager drowns in Aweil

By Hou Akot Hou


A 12-year-old boy drowned in the Wath-Thok River in Aweil North County, Northern Bahr El Gazal State.

The deceased, identified as Akot Akot, met his fate on Monday as he attempted to swim when he could not manage to cross the river like his peers.

Police authorities in Wath-Thok have apprehended three other boys for investigation to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Garang Liai Dut, the police inspector at Wath-Thok station, said the boys are being remanded to give an account of how the incident transferred.

“The boy ate food, left her mother under the tukul with his other siblings, and fled to reach his peers who were going to the Wath-Thok River. Reaching the river bank, they jumped into the river, and the others managed to cross, but he could not,” Officer Liai narrated.

“He was brought out unconscious, and he passed on immediately as he drank a lot of water. So the incident is unfortunate,” he added.

The police inspector stated that the suspects were innocent, saying they could not rescue the situation of boy as the river was too deep.

Such incidents are so common, especially during the rainy season, and people in the area also blame the lack of company accorded to little children who wander without guidance.



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