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South Sudan, ready for elections-Goc

By Bida Elly David


Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation reiterated readiness of South Sudan to conduct elections in December, this year.

Ramadan Mohammed Abdallah Goc made the declaration in in his office, on Wednesday while meeting Egyptian Ambassador to Juba, Moatez Mostafa AdbelKader.

In a statement after the meeting, Minister Ramadam reiterated that democratic process is an organized program for the country that needs commitment.

“Hon. Minister Goc expressed the willingness of the South Sudan government to conduct free, fair, and peaceful general elections whereby citizens can freely participate to achieve it,” the statement from the ministry partly reads.

Despite political discussions of the fate of the elections, Mr. Goc stressed that there is nothing impossible.

Goc emphasized that the December elections are bound to happen but need support from countries of goodwill, like Egypt, as an ally to South Sudan.

“Egypt and other friendly countries should give their support for elections to be done on time because the government is ready for the election,” he stated.

H.E. Ambassador Moatez Mostafa Abdelkader, Head of Mission of the Arab Republic of Egypt Embassy in Juba, congratulated the Minister upon his recent appointment and pledged absolute support from the Egyptian government.

Although Minister Goc demonstrated the government’s readiness to conduct elections, activists and analysts are still questioning whether the pending provisions within the agreement will be fully implemented before the polls.

According to Abraham Malieth, an economic analyst, there is a need for the economy to be fixed before the government thinks of anything else.

“The country’s economy is currently staggering with prices of goods shooting while the foreign currency remains in dominance,” he said.

He urged the government to earmark the promotion of the agricultural sector to fight food insecurity in their livelihoods and across the country.

Boboya James, a policy analyst, expressed doubts about the conduct of the December elections, saying it will not happen unless all the required prerequisites of the agreement are put in place.

“Elections will not happen if all parties to the agreement don’t reach consensus; this process is not easy since we still have the constitutional review committee with their work unfinished, the security arrangement still hanging, and civic space and freedom of expression,” he highlighted.

He added that the South Sudanese are truly ready for these elections, but still, there is a need to address the alarming hunger and the pending provisions of the agreement.”

President Salva Kiir has often remained steadfast about going for elections, saying they will not have another extension for the transitional period.


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