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Four ministers await MP’s grilling

By William Madouk


Members of National Legislative Assembly are warming up to grill four ministers over the looming hunger in the country.

The minister of finance, Awow Daniel Chang; the minister of petroleum, Puot Kang Chol; the Minister of Agriculture, Josphine Lagu; and the Minister of Trade, William Anyuon Kuol, are to appear before the Parliament

The assembly spokesperson, Oliver Mori said that on May 20, 2024, first batch from 11 government agencies under the economic cluster chaired by VP James Wani Igga would be expected to appear before the assembly.

“You may be talking about five or six people from one ministry—so, if you multiply that by 11, the number will be a very huge 55, and it is not possible for the parliament if they want a genuine discussion. It is not possible that all those ministers will have to talk in one day,” said Mori.

“The first will comprise four ministries, which we think are actually the spearheads in the economic cluster,” he continued.

He noted that due to the economic crisis, the minister of finance and planning would be among the summoned ministries over ‘the problems that linger around the finance docket.

The lawmakers also demand the Minister of Petroleum to answer queries on oil production and pipelines.

Meanwhile, MP Mori cited that the Minister of Agriculture and Food Security would explain what plans are put in place to promote agriculture amid economic dwindling and oil disruption.

On the parliament list is also the Minister of Trade and Industry, a body that regulates the exportation and importation of goods to answer questions about high commodity prices in the market.

“What are the plans of this ministry? Why the fuel prices has gone up very high? And all the prices in the market are very high. They say that because of the dollar and because of this,

“So, we want these key four ministers to come as the first batch to explain to us as parliament. When these four are cleared, then we shall go to the other seven,” Mori added.




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