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WES Deputy Governor calls for Unity to restore Peace

By Kidega Livingstone 

Western Equatoria State’s newly appointed Deputy Governor urges government officials and intellectuals to unite for peace to reign in the region.

Speaking during a visit to Kuda University in Juba, Richard Elia Box, made the call following a recent violence in Tombura County.

According to the deputy governor, unity and avoiding discrimination, would restore calm and stability in the state.

“Grouping ourselves in Juba is unproductive. We come from the same state. Let’s rescue Western Equatoria by bringing peace and stability for our people.” The deputy governor declared.

Mr. Elia emphasized collaboration within the state government assuring that he will humbly work with the Governor to bring peace not only to Tombura but to the entire state.

“We are a unity government, not meant for self-division. Our priority is peace, so our children can get an education” he stated.

South Sudan People’s Defense Force (SSPDF) spokesperson, Maj. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang, clarified the situation in restive Tombura County, as not being large-scale conflict.

“It was targeted killings. There were no frontal confrontations, but individuals were targeted, houses looted and invaded, resulting in deaths,” he explained.

The army spokesperson confirmed the military presence in Tombura is to reduce insecurity and remove guns from civilians.

The UN Peacekeeping Mission (UNMISS) also addressed the situation. Papy Christian Tshienda, Acting Head of the UNMISS Field Office in Western Equatoria, acknowledged ongoing challenges.

“Despite our efforts, the situation remains fragile,” Tshienda said.

“UNMISS has strengthened its presence and information gathering to prevent further violence. We’ve also reinforced troops in Tambura. Our priority is to deter escalation and protect displaced people, but tensions remain high.”

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