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Dear CONNECTION, which course are you in the university?

Could CONNECTION be a post-graduate course? Yes, it could be. CONNECTION has become a course to study after graduating from the university.

It is a course in which its pursuance has an unspecified number of years. It is a course which is never found in any college. It is a course whose lecturers are completely unknown.

But sometimes, I accuse Prof. Relatedness and Prof. Friendship of being the lecturers introducing this useless course called CONNECTION. When one mentions connection, people raise their eyebrows and look at the surroundings, wanting to see a big person around. People never refer to connection the way the dictionary refers to it.

CONNECTION has liberated itself in the dictionary. Out of the university with a bachelor’s Degree, a graduate hardly gets a job even if he holds an upper-division degree. A graduate with a 4.00 net GPA is not exceptional either.

After a year or two, graduates from the College of Connection come behind graduates from the university and whisper to their ears that you would never get jobs if you do not study a post-graduate course called CONNECTION.

When they ask for the university premises and the lecturers of Connection, they are told the university is mobile and the lecturers are your own uncles and friends working in the government or NGOs. You visit them in their own houses and do anything to please them to write to you a recommendation letter.

Some of them, especially government officials, could not bother to write a recommendation letter. They make a telephone call to any company or ministry you wish to work for and there you are told to assume office tomorrow. As easy as that.

With a recommendation letter from that very government official whom people refer to as that whose eyes are never seen, you get a well-paying job as early as possible. Furthermore, when you have a friend working for an NGO or ministry, the chances of you getting employed in that NGO or ministry are high.

During the time you follow up your recommendation letter, you be receiving lectures on Connection. By the time you are given your recommendation letter, you are considered a graduate of the School of Connection.

If two graduates, one with a Bachelor’s Degree and one with a connection degree, are given a 7-day ultimatum to get a job on the condition that the one who fails to get a job would be hanged to death, there is no need to waste time. The one with a Bachelor’s Degree should just be hanged to save time. Unless a miracle happens, the 7 days will elapse without a Bachelor’s Degree holder being even shortlisted.

You find that a Bachelor’s Degree is as nothing as a sack of garbage without a connection. One annoying thing is, a dropout with a connection can outcompete a graduate in a job interview. What qualifies a dropout while the job needs a graduate? Is connection a degree? If a degree, which university awards students with a degree in connection?

If working-class employ their relatives and friends, where will graduates with no uncles and friends in the government or NGOs go to? For every graduate who gets a job through connection, there is always a missing segment of education in him.

If things destroying South Sudan could be counted, getting a job through connection is one of them. It does not only discourage students pursuing tertiary education, but it also divides their focus. Some students would want to pursue a connection degree and a Bachelor’s Degree at ago so that by the time they graduate, they would get jobs instantly.

This makes them have a divided commitment, leading to less performance in the two degrees, and ultimately, failure ensues. I urge the government and private sector to employ job seekers on qualifications, experience and competence combined.

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