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Ngor supports school renovations

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Governor of Northern Barh-el Ghazal state, Tong Akeen Ngor, pledged SSP 20 million to support the renovation of Majak Paluil Primary School in Malual Baai Payam.

Accompanied by state government officials, Ngor visited the area to assess the needs of the citizens.

Speaking to the thousands of attendees on Thursday, the governor expressed his appreciation and applauded the community’s initiative while promising to provide support for the school renovations.

Additionally, he announced that the road connecting Malual Baai with Akoong would soon be completed, facilitating the movement of goods and services without obstacles.

He called upon the community of Malual Baai Payam to maintain a culture of peace not only within their own community but also with neighbouring communities.

“I called upon the community of Lou Aguer Geng to maintain their rich culture and denounce the emerging harmful cultural practices in the society,” Aken said.

He emphasised the importance of allowing children to access education and promised the residents that his government would upgrade Majak Paluil Primary School to a secondary school.

In response, the commissioner of Aweil East County, Ding Aher Ngong, expressed his gratitude to the people of Malual Baai Payam and the governor for their visit.

He called upon the community to embrace peaceful coexistence with their neighbours in Warap State and the Abyei Administrative Area, emphasizing that such harmony is essential for development to thrive.

Santino Akech Dhel, the Payam youths’ representative, expressed appreciation for the visit of the government officials and urged them to expedite the installation of a network communication system in the area.

He stressed the importance of such infrastructure for security purposes, particularly in areas where insecurity has occurred.

Dhel also requested the government’s assistance in completing the construction of the Mathiang Dut Primary Health Care Center.

Malual Baai Payam is situated along the border with Gogrial West of Warap State to the east, and Twic, Abyei, and Southern Kordofan to the north.




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