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US urges gov’t to fund girls’ education

By Kidega Livingstone


The United States Embassy criticized South Sudan’s transitional government for underfunding girls’ education.

“In South Sudan, women and girls are disproportionately affected by the lack of funding for basic education,” the Embassy said, noting that 84% of girls over 15 are illiterate.

The US in its statement on mothers described the transitional government’s inaction as “abhorrent,” highlighting issues like early marriage and gender-based violence that impede girls’ education.

“The US urges South Sudan to prioritize girls’ education,” the statement continued. “We support the Girls’ Education South Sudan Programme, but the government must also invest to create strong families and a better future for all.”

The US government emphasized the benefits of educated mothers, citing improved family health, economic strength, and child well-being. It also pointed out the link between maternal education and national economic growth.

Akuja Mading De Garang, Girls Education South Sudan (GESS) Team Leader, was quoted in the statement, explaining how girls are often the first to be pulled from school due to financial constraints and lack of access.

The US government concluded by mentioning GESS’s success in providing cash transfers to over 1 million girls between 2019 and 2023, helping them cover school costs and essential supplies.


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