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Gov’t woos Ethiopian investors

By Kidega Livingstone


Government is urging investors across Ethiopia to explore the abundant investment opportunities in South Sudan as part of the East African region.

The call was made by the Minister of Investment during the launch of the South Sudan-Ethiopia Business Forum in Juba yesterday.

Dhieu Mathok Diing Wol, Minister of Investment emphasized in his address at the opening of the forum that South Sudan’s economic growth hinges on enhancing inter-Ethiopian trade.

He expressed that South Sudan, as a member state of the East African Community bloc and IGAD, has many opportunities for Ethiopian investors.

“As the Minister of Investment, we have tried very hard to attract investors in South Sudan. I have been in Ethiopia, and they are the first to have a green economy in the region,” Dhieu stated.

He urged Ethiopian companies to establish their branches in South Sudan, not only to benefit from the South Sudanese market but from the entire East African Community.

“We are part of East Africa, and you will be producing for the people of East Africa. There are many companies in Ethiopia. Come and open the industries here so that East African people can benefit from the products,” he appealed.

The Ethiopia-South Sudan business forum exhibition that opened on Monday, May 13 and concludes on Thursday, May 16, 2024, showcases Ethiopia’s products, including textiles, which include clothes, leather shoes, boots, gas cookers, raincoats, and many others.

Investment Minister Dhieu said Ethiopia’s positive engagement has been known since then in Sudan in the area of investment and strong relations, as well as inter-trading between the two countries.

He stated that as South Sudan gained independence, the bilateral relationship improved strongly, especially in the area of sharing a common goal of development.

Ambassador Nebil Mahdi, the Head of Mission for the Ethiopian Embassy in South Sudan, said the Ethiopia-South Sudan business forum aims to enhance business relationships between the two countries.

“As you all know, the strong bilateral relationship between South Sudan and Ethiopia means this business forum is one way to strengthen the economic growth of the two countries,” said Amb. Nabil.

He emphasized that the integration in the infrastructure development of road construction is to link the two countries, ease the movement of people and goods, and benefit the people of South Sudan and Ethiopia.

“There are many projects that are coming, especially in the area of road construction and development projects, so that the goods will be flowing between the two countries because South Sudan has very good agricultural products and many others, so as a result, Ethiopians will benefit from the products,” he stated.

In March 2023, President Salva Kiir and the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, met to discuss bilateral relations between the two countries.

Being the horn of Africa, the Ethiopian Prime Minister focused on the development of infrastructure in the region, including road links and energy for the people.

Dr. Abiy and President Kiir discussed having big projects in the region serving the people in Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, and the region.

Ethiopia’s efforts to resolve the conflict and ensure peace in South Sudan and the region were also recognized.


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