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No official SPLA Day celebration-Army

By Staff writer  


South Sudan People Defense Forces (SSPDF) command has announced that there will be no official celebration of Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) Day this year.

“On behalf of SSPDF command and leadership, I would like to inform my own ranks and file and the public at large that, May 16, 2024, is SPLA/SSPDF Day hence it will be a Public Holiday. On the same note, it’s good to underscore that there will be no official celebrations,” partly read a statement issued by the Army Spokesperson Major General Lul Ruai Koang.

May 16 is observed as a public holiday to commemorate the SPLA/SSPDF Day, but official celebrations will not take place.

The SSPDF command and leadership, expressing gratitude for the sacrifices made by the fallen heroes and heroines of the war of liberation.

The statement stressed the importance of remembering and honoring the veterans of the independence struggle, as well as paying tribute to the wounded soldiers who continue to bear the physical and emotional scars of their service.

While there will be no organized official celebrations, individuals and groups are encouraged to commemorate the day in their own peaceful and responsible ways.

This allows for personal expressions of gratitude and remembrance for the SPLA’s role in South Sudan’s history.

Simultaneously, the SSPDF issued a directive to all its units, ordering them to be on maximum alert as the nation marks the 41st anniversary of the inception of the SPLA, now known as the SSPDF.

The SSPDF leadership also highlighted some of the government efforts to ensure peace, dialogue, and reconciliation.

The statement acknowledged the efforts made by President Salva Kiir Mayardit, particularly the Nairobi peace talks with holdout groups, which aim to achieve lasting peace in South Sudan.

It further stated that establishing a high-level committee for peace reconciliation in the Greater Bahr El Ghazal region was cited as an example of initiatives to promote unity and harmony.

On the military front, Lul said the Chief of Defense Forces, Gen. Santino Deng Wol, led a delegation of security forces on a tour of the Greater Bahr El Ghazal region.

The objective of the tour was to restore peace, unity, and reconciliation between the people of the Abyei Special Administrative Area and Twic County in Warrap State. Encouraging progress has already been made, with the reopening of several roads that connect previously divided communities.

He said the SSPDF Deputy Chief of Deputy Forces, Lt. Gen. Gabriel Duop Lam, who also serves as the IO (Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-In Opposition) Chief of General Staff, visited SPLM-SPLA IO-controlled areas to update them on the implementation of security arrangements.

He instructed them to be prepared for the commencement of the second phase of the peace process.

The Army Spokesperson added that the combined efforts of the political leadership and military command have laid a solid foundation for peace, reconciliation, and progress in South Sudan.

With the measures taken and the commitment shown, Gen. Lul said 2024 holds great promise for the realization of total peace and reconciliation in the nation.




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