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Over 500 patients register for eye surgery

By Yang Ater Yang


A six-day eye surgery camp is ongoing at Rumbek State Hospital, targeting over 500 patients with cataracts.

The initiative which commenced on Tuesday is a collaboration between the Lakes State Ministry of Health, Christian Blind Mission (CBM), Doctors with Africa CUAMM, and the Buluk Eye Center.

Martin Lokii Lokure, from Buluk Eye Center, Juba, leads the surgical team aiming to operate on 300-500 patients within six days.

He emphasized the team’s commitment to achieving the target and acknowledged logistical challenges and the need for additional resources to potentially extend the program.

Rebecca Alek Machol, one of the beneficiaries, expressed her relief at receiving the surgery.

She highlighted the challenges faced by those living far from medical facilities and the increasing number of eye problems.

“There are many people who need help, and travelling to Juba is difficult,” she said. “This will help many regain their sight.”

Manuer Apac Malok, another beneficiary, expressed his gratitude for the program and the skilled doctors, encouraging others to seek help.

“Tell everyone about the free eye surgery at Rumbek State Hospital. The doctors are very good,” he cheered.

Malok pointed out the government’s limitations in employing eye surgeons and the importance of NGO support.

“The government relies on NGOs because they lack the budget,” he said.

Dr. Terran Madit Terran, the medical director at Rumbek State Hospital emphasized the high demand for eye surgery services in Lakes State.

“Last year, 270 surgeries were performed, but many were left behind,” Terran said. “The target this year is 600, but negotiations are ongoing to potentially increase it due to the high number of registered patients (over 700).”

Dr. Abubakar Bellu, Rumbek hospital coordinator for CUAM International, highlighted the widespread need for such services and their commitment to restoring sight and improving lives.

“We are looking at extending the camp by another six days, potentially reaching 1,000 surgeries,” he hinted at a possible extension.

Dr. Bellu also noted the ongoing commitment.

“We are dedicated to restoring sight and increasing productivity for those in need,” he said. “This is a collaborative effort, and we are open to support from other stakeholders.”


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