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Kiir convenes urgent meeting over economic mayhem

By staff writer


President Salva Kiir on Wednesday convened an urgent Economic Cluster meeting in a bid to address the pressing issue of high inflation and consumer prices.

The meeting included the Ministers of Finance, Trade and the Central Bank governor and other heads of financial institutions as the government takes radical actions to tame inflation and high consumer prices

As part of the measures to arrest the runaway prices, the government announced a bold plan to inject significant amounts of hard currency into the market.

At the meeting, Awow Daniel Chuang, the Minister of Finance and Planning, stated that the initiative aims to stabilize prices and alleviate the burden on consumers.

Chuang added that the government has also imported tons of food commodities to sell at subsidized prices in various parts of the country.

For his part, the Minister of Trade and Industry, William Anyuon, emphasized that the government is dedicated to ensuring that essential food items remain affordable for the citizens.

He also mentioned that the government has imported millions of liters of fuel to prevent any shortages or price hikes in the energy sector.

The government has pledged to support farmers by providing them with the necessary resources to continue their agricultural activities. This support will help ensure a steady supply of food and other agricultural produce in the market.

Officials anticipate that the government’s efforts to inject hard currency, provide subsidized food items, and support farmers will boost the economy and lessen the financial burden on the populace.



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