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Journalists receive investigative reporting training

By Ijoo Bosco


Union of Journalists in South Sudan (UJOSS) has launched a four-day training program on investigative journalism in Magwi County, Eastern Equatoria State.

The training is aimed at empowering journalists to effectively carry out their duties and overcome the challenges they face in the field of investigating in-depth stories.

It is being held in partnership with the South Sudan Human Rights Defenders Network and the Nonviolence for Peace organization.

During the opening ceremony, Toungu David, the representative of the Nonviolence for Peace organization, emphasized the importance of training in equipping journalists with the necessary skills to promote democracy, good governance, and human rights in the country.

“We understand the critical role journalists and media houses play in promoting democracy, good governance, and human rights in the country,” said Mr. Toungu. “That’s why we’ve come together to work hand-in-hand and provide journalists with the necessary skills and support they need to do their jobs.”

James Opiny Clement, the UJOSS coordinator for Eastern Equatoria, echoed the importance of the training, stating that it will focus on investigative journalism techniques and the code of conduct for journalists.

He stressed the need to encourage more female journalists to join the profession, which he believes is a calling and individual aspiration.

“This training will empower journalists to be more committed to their duties and provide accurate information to the public,” Opiny said.

Nimule Payam Town Clerk, Mr. David Eriga, acknowledged the numerous challenges faced by journalists, including the risk of enmity.

He underlined the importance of accuracy in journalism, as it can prevent problems with other institutions.

Eriga encouraged the media to continue being the voice of the voiceless and to provide reliable information to the public.

“Journalism involves a lot of movement and gathering information from various locations. It’s crucial to present the original information accurately, without adding opinions, to avoid potential issues,” Eriga advised.

The four-day training is expected to equip journalists with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively conduct investigative reporting and fulfil their role as the fourth estate.



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