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Lakes State honours SPLA Day

By Yang Ater Yang


Lakes State government officials and citizens gathered in Rumbek Freedom Square on Thursday to commemorate the 41st anniversary of SPLA Day, a pivotal day in South Sudan’s history.

State Governor Lt. Gen. Rin Tueny Mabor in his keynote address to the crowd, acknowledged the ongoing challenges facing citizens in the young East African Country

“Communal violence, displacement, and governance remain issues. However, national unity, strong institutions, and economic progress are our goals” Mabor stated.

He emphasized collective responsibility for progress.

“Moving forward requires a collective effort from all South Sudanese.”

Governor Mabor further highlighted his administration’s focus on security in the state.

“Peace and stability are a top priority. We work tirelessly to address threats, collaborating with security forces, community leaders, and our citizens.”

The governor credited this approach with maintaining a secure environment in Lakes State, fostering unity and diversity.

“Our state embraces many cultures, religions, and ethnicities living together. This diversity is our strength. We will continue to promote tolerance, understanding, and respect” he underscored.

Governor Mabor also outlined progress in education, stating that they’ve significantly invested in access to quality services across the state.

“New schools are built, existing ones renovated, and teacher training programs expanded. Our goal is for all children to have the opportunity to succeed.”

He further stated that similar efforts have been made in healthcare.

“We’ve strengthened our healthcare system by building primary care units, supplying hospitals, recruiting medical professionals, and launching public health campaigns. Every resident deserves access to quality and affordable healthcare”

Governor Mabor acknowledged infrastructure challenges, noting that “One key issue is our road network. Many roads need repair and upgrading. This hinders economic activity, limits mobility, and makes accessing essential services difficult.”

He emphasized the importance of a strong agricultural sector.

“Our farmers, herders, and fishermen are the backbone of our economy. We’ve supported them through partnerships with NGOs, providing seeds, tools, and training. We’ve also invested in cattle migration and water point management” he underscored.

Mr. Mabor however recognized the ongoing challenges of climate change, conflict, and economic hardship.

He expressed his government’s commitment to prioritizing food security.

“On this 41st anniversary, we commit to prioritizing food security. We will double down on our support for farmers” he hinted.

Governor Mabor concluded remarks by urging citizens to embrace agriculture.

“In this economic crisis, I call on all able-bodied men and women of Lakes State to take up farming this rainy season. We are committed to protecting lives and property while working to enhance peace, security, unity, dialogue, and reconciliation”.

Major General William Marial Agok, Director of Lakes State Prison Service, highlighted the significance of May 16th:

He said they marked the 16th of May SPLA Day to remember this historical day, the start of our liberation struggle. He emphasized the sacrifices made.

“We remember this day for those who lost their lives and our people at large.” General Agok, a veteran of the struggle himself since 1984, expressed his pride in achieving independence.

Speaking at the same occasion, Major General Benjamin Niclos Director of Wildlife Service, echoed the importance of the day.

“This is a critical moment in South Sudan’s history. It marks the beginning of our fight for liberation, leading to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and ultimately, independence” he said.

General Niclos urged South Sudanese to prioritize peace: “Let’s leave insecurity behind. Peace is paramount now that we have independence, so we can focus on development.”



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