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Lack of lawyers hinders justice in WES

By Kidega Livingstone

Deputy Governor of Western Equatoria State, Elia Richard Box has raised concerns over the low number of lawyers and judges serving the people of the state.

He claims that most legal professionals are committed to serving the people of Juba, leaving the residents of Western Equatoria State to suffer from a lack of rule of law.

“There is a problem in the judiciary in Western Equatoria State. People are suffering because of a lack of rule of law. You are here serving other people. Did you sit down and see how you can serve your people?” Box said during a reception ceremony organized by the Western Equatoria State Lawyers Association for Justice and Rule of Law.

The event was held on Friday last week.

Elia urged the lawyers from the state to come together and discuss how they can support and rescue the people of Western Equatoria, who are currently lacking access to justice and the rule of law.

He emphasized that peace and unity cannot be achieved through mere speeches, but through concrete actions.

James Altaib Jazz, the Chairperson of the Western Equatoria State Lawyers Association for Justice and Rule of Law, acknowledged the deputy governor’s concerns and pledged the group’s support to address the challenges facing the judiciary in the state.

“We are assuring you that we are going to be behind you. There are a lot of challenges in the area of the rule of law because there are many cases, and we are ready to render the legal services in the state,” Jazz said.

The association plans to provide the deputy governor with ideas and discuss the problems affecting the state to jointly find resolutions that can solve the issues.

Jazz called for the community to support the deputy governor, who has come to serve the people, and refrain from spreading rumors that could undermine his efforts.



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