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Primate Badi cautions citizens against tribalism

By Bida Elly David


Archbishop Dr. Justin Badi Arama of Episcopal Church of South Sudan (ECSS) has cautioned South Sudanese against tribal division and urged them to unite.

He spoke during his homily while overseeing the consecration of three bishops at the All Saints Cathedral in Juba on Sunday.

Primate Badi encouraged the faithful to welcome the Holy Spirit, which has the power to bring together people from different backgrounds.

“The spirit of truth will enable us to embark on our journey as Christians and unite us as South Sudanese who always think of tribal lines and who always think my language is better; the spirit has come to unite us,” he said.

Badi stated that division along tribal lines is a great enemy to a country’s development, thus promoting revenge and inter-communal violence, among others.

“If you are a Muru, Monyjang, Nuer, or Baka, you have to call the name of the Lord to be saved, and that is the power and benefit of the Holy Spirit,” he said.

The ECSS archbishop stressed that South Sudanese ought to open their hearts such that the Holy Spirit fills their hearts to desist from tribal division and speak the truth.

“This day, the Pentecost calls us out of our selfish ways of life to love one another and unite together in faith and trust in God through Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit,” he added.

Furthermore, the Anglican Church in South Sudan urged citizens to imitate the apostles of the Lord Jesus, who were initially together and lived in unity and harmony.

“It empowered them, strengthened them, and gave them the power to preach the word of God, so it is a great joy that we in South Sudan in the city of Juba rejoice together as a church,” he expressed.

Primate Badi noted that the Holy Spirit plays a bigger role in uniting people after they have scattered apart and made a strong call for South Sudanese to re-unite and follow the call of the spirit.

“God sent the holy spirit down to draw people from all corners of the earth to reverse the scattering that happened at burden, to unite them into one group and one people, and to show them the ladder that they could climb to escape the dark world and to be united with God,” Badi stated.

He emphasized that God’s mission in sending the Holy Spirit is for everyone who calls the name of the Lord to be saved.

“We celebrate the birth of the church, and also this day is a day of fulfilling promise; the Lord Jesus in the Gospel said I will send and advocate the spirit of truth I will send you,” he underscored.

He cited God as having scattered people during the construction of the tower of Barbel with different languages, saying that on the Pentecostal day, God united them together.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Awut Ngor, the Assistant Bishop of Rumbek and the first female bishop emphasized that the church is the only institution that unites people.

He reiterated his call for South Sudanese to love themselves as Christ Jesus loved the church.

“The Church is the only institution that unites people together. I want to give thanks to God for protecting South Sudanese, and we should strengthen the bondage of love and unity among us,” she said.


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