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Idleness is our enemy – Manyang

By William Madouk


South Sudan prides itself on abundant resources, but there is laziness in converting this into usefulness.

The third deputy chairman of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) and senior presidential advisor, Kuol Manyang Juuk, lamented of a beloved country.

Mr. Manyang was speaking during swearing-in of Gen. Augustino Jadalla Kamilo Wani, Elia Richard Box, and Gola Boyoi Gola, on Monday, as the state SPLM Chairpersons.

“We struggled as people of South Sudan when we were part of the Sudan, and we have become independent, politically independent,” said Manyang.

“We have other challenges: economic independence; we are not yet economically independent. We are dependent on others; we are food insecure; we are begging for food from other countries,” he added.

According to Manyang, the Republic of South Sudan has fertile lands, water, forests, minerals, and petroleum, but to turn these into useful resources and energy, it only requires hard work.

“Why are we poor in our country? When we have everything, we have fertile soil, and we have water in abundance. We have the sunshine, and these are the sources for life—these are what we call the wealth of our nation,” he challenged.

“What is missing to convert this into usefulness is only our energy; that’s the only thing we need. It’s up to us to turn this wealth into money and turn it into food we will eat. So, laziness is our enemy.”

Manyang stressed that citizens must spend much of their time doing something useful for themselves.

“Let them work for money until sunset; tell them nobody will build this country,” he noted.

For instance, he urged people not to wait for the government to build them schools; they must mobilize themselves and use local materials; they have to build their own schools with only ink, etc., brought from abroad.

“The government cannot be rich unless we pay the taxes. We produce, and we pay the taxes to the government,” he continued. “And these taxes should not go to the pockets of individuals. Transparency and accountability [must be there].”

Mr. Manyang appealed to newly appointed state bosses to “take care of the weak, vulnerable people. All these are included in the oath that you took today.”

The newly appointed governor of Central Equatoria State, Gen Augustino Jadalla Kamilo [photo by William Madouk]

Meanwhile, the newly appointed governor of Central Equatoria State has urged South Sudanese to shun tribalism.

Gen. Augustino Jadalla Kamilo Wani noted that the struggle during the liberation was as one people, not as tribes.

“I appeal to our people, as people of South Sudan; when we were in the bush before, we fought the War of Liberation as the people of South Sudan, not as tribes or communities of South Sudan,” Jadalla echoed.

Governor Jadalla was sworn-in as the CES SPLM chairman, along with Mr. Elia Richard Box for Western Equatoria State and Mr. Gola Boyoi Gola for Pibor Administrative area.

“I, as governor of Central Equatoria, believe that under my leadership, I will ensure that citizens of Central Equatoria will be able to live in peace and harmony and will be reconciled, united, and peacefully coexist with the people of South Sudan,” he added.

Speaking on behalf of the sworn-in SPLM state chairpersons, Gen. Jadalla said their appointment comes at a crucial time when the country is preparing for the December 2024 elections.

“We will cooperate with the national secretariat and leadership of the SPLM; we will respect and execute the orders, instructions, and directives coming from our leadership” he hinted.

“As we prepare for the endorsement [of the Equatoria region] of our president, we also prepare our people; the people are ready to march to Juba for the endorsement of our president, and we believe we are going to win the election ahead of us” he expressed.

Governor Jadalla invited SPLM members, supporters, veterans, and well-wishers to join the grand endorsement, slated for May 25, 2024, in Juba.

“I am certain that the SPLM mobilization for endorsement and election in Central Equatoria state shall be successful, including Western Equatoria and the Pibor administrative area” he stated.


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